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  • Newbies to Star Trek Online need to know, there are two single basic currencies in the game. STO Credits and Star Trek Online energy Credits are actually the same one. They are what you need to earn or buy from gaming stores and websites to upgrade your ship and to purchase new virtual vessels.

    Star Trek Online Credits can be transfered , bought and sold. The currency consists of some merits, for you can play as a Federation character or honor, or your character is Klingon .

    While STO Credits are the basis for the purchase of larger and better systems of your ship or a new ship itself, my merits moves in the ranks . Even as the captain of your vessel , you are ready to buy more for promotions when you are playing .

    Star Trek Online Energy Credits can get consuming and costly very time . You need to spend hours of your time to discover new places , finish PvP contents and final daily quests only with a few extra STO credits that you will not be close to this upper end MK X gear. Luckily, you can buy Star Trek Online Credits from us.
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