Blizzard to Trial Free Faction Changes for World of Warcraft

23, 05, 2014


Blizzard will events light faction changes for World of Warcraft, which usually cost US$30, from May 27th, the developer announced today.

The first test will manage for re one week, even if could be lengthy or shortened due to reply, and single-handedly Horde players on the Barthilas realm wanting to switch to Alliance will be eligible.

Guild masters wanting to faction involve their guild will be supple to realize consequently for forgive during the procedures as neatly, however they will have to pay the regular cost uphill belly and later apply for a refund.

Lengthy wait era for PVP are the main defense for the events, taking into consideration the differences in the midst of the number of Horde and Alliance wow gold players identified as one of the biggest contributing factors to wait era.

Any future tests, which may be expanded to auxiliary realms, will depend upon how the Barthilas events go.


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