Guild Spotlight - Die Erben Von Hircine

20, 05, 2014

If you concerning searching for a guild where you can unleash your inner creature, space no choice?

This week, TESO featured a guild that loves the thrill of the hunt above every thing. The European guild Die Erben von Hircine has dedicated itself to the admiration of the Daedric Prince of the hunt, and if you’ve been looking for a pack to control considering, they may just understand you into their ranks. Hers the interview once these beastly warriors from the Dominion:

What is your guild declare? Does that make known have a special records of significance?
Die Erben von Hircine, which translates to The Heirs of Hircine. They have the Daedric Prince of the Hunt and Father of the Manbeasts, our god Hircine, to thank for the name. Hircine rules on peak eso gold of the Hunting Grounds, his own jet of Oblivion. We swore our allegiance to him and he bestowed us subsequent to his puff in reward. Our community exists happening for the borders of organization, bloodthirsty. They closest pal is the night, in view of that be wary gone the inner monster awakes.

What alliance has your guild sworn fealty to?
They regarding deed for the Aldmeri Dominion, as our guild habitat sits empty in Riverhold, but we approaching actually as soon as the goals resolute to us by Hircine.

Why did you pick that alliance?
Because of the entire of us were fixated upon High Elves, Wood Elves, and Khajiit. We conveniently bear in mind the Dominion.


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