He's angry! Strong purchase of British foot iron gate: price 26000000 then hit

22, 07, 2015

Mourinho "under contract" candidates currently seems to have been identified, that is, Everton central defender stones. However, want to win this rising star defender, Chelsea also needs great efforts.


According to British media, "Daily Mail" reported that Chelsea had to stones to Everton put forward a 20m bid, but has been refused to Everton. "Taffy" resolute dont willing to leave the stones, coach Martinez even for Chelsea's behavior to make public criticism.


In this regard, Mourinho angrily tough fight back: now they say, we do not accept the offer. They didn't say 'we don't accept any offer'. When they say 'until September 1 we don't accept the offer', we will raise our offer, whether it's 1 or 10, we will raise the offer."


"If one day Martinez or chairman Everton said," he is not for sale, we do not accept any offer, then the game is over. ". But in this process, we do not deny that will keep stones offer, which means we will make every effort to buy the player. " Mourinho said.


From Jose Mourinho's words can be seen "madman" to the name after defence generalist attention and Chelsea will also as Mourinho said, continue to raise the stones offer. The Blues will offer a $26000000 offer, but this may not be the Everton psychological bottom line. According to the "post" reported that Chelsea is likely must offer more than 3000 million pounds to make Everton to relent in the transfer of stones.


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After the England defender's worth recording is last summer window Luke Shaw deal with Manchester United for the transfer of 32 million pounds, and if stones transfer trip, his net worth will likely break the record - Luke Shaw. On the high transfer fee, Mourinho also expressed his frustration: "this is the current market situation, if you want a player you have to pay a certain price. If you don't want to spend, then you don't have to, is so simple."


"There are no rules and restrictions on the transfer market for each season, even if the introduction of the fiscal Equality Act cannot effectively control the market. In the market, it is decided by every club or not, for them it is their rule." Mourinho said.


Although so Mourinho and Chelsea as a club or expressed to get the confidence of the stones that Everton thinks he can leave the idea of array in the best players is very naive.


In Mourinho's opinion, Terry grew older cases, 21 year old Stones is the best candidate to take over the captain. Stones as central defender and position to right back, even can play back. In the past two seasons stones at Everton respectively played 26 and 28 times is the undisputed "taffy" the heart of the defence, and successfully selected for the England national team. Just now to Everton's resolute attitude, Chelsea to do for bleeding.


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