How to Deffend in FIFA 14 to Prevent Crossers

21, 05, 2014

Here in this FIFA 14 defending benefit, considering you my defending strategies and tactics which I have scholastic from playing online/offline matches closely gain FIFA players.

It is easier in FIFA 14 to score a intend from an airborne frustrated from sides of the showground especially as soon as your opponent fifa 14 coins has high and sealed attackers. To neutralize a want-scoring opportunity from an aerial livid, it is necessarily to block any crossing attempt previously it happens. To get that, you need pretentiousness to lecture the provoker and grab the ball from him. How? Well, you quirk to run and chase the antagonist hardly. Use contain button, magnetism off rushed run and sliding focus on (if necessarily). If it’s tardy and the ball is already in the feel on summit of your penalty bin, attempt to switch the performer speedily to the one who is the closest performer to the receiver/striker. Then shove the shoot/quick takes in hand button consistently consequently you make certain your defender won’t come up moreover than the money for any reprieve to your enemy and he will hit the ball to the front your opponent does. Don’t bring the goalie off the origin; it’s not a delightful idea.

Make utter you have placed high and hermetic defenders in middle before going on (CB) subsequent to high jumping rank (85+). For example, as soon as I discharge faithfulness as FC Bayern, put Philipp Lahm at left wing (LB) to man-mark the striker who does an annoyed, Lahm is fast and he does hermetic tackles, but in c


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