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22, 07, 2015

In an interview with Manchester United's official website, to join the new German star Bastian Schweinsteiger revealed himself to Scholes full of admiration, also praised the captain Wayne Rooney.


Also as a midfielder, Schweinsteiger said he often observed Scholes play and learn. "There are a number of players that I have been watching and watching how they play, of course, Scholes is one of them." Said piggy.


"I like his style and the way he plays, a Bayern [microblogging] [microblogging] and Manchester United in Munich played in the all star game, I met him, feeling very good."


"That time, I'm going to take his shirt, it's for me! Now this shirt is in the home in Munich, not in Manchester, because I have no home in Manchester."


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The little pig is very much admired by Scholes's little pig Scholes


Schweinsteiger also praised the United captain Rooney. "For me, it's a great honor to be in the same team as Rooney. He is a leader, you can see it, he is a fighter, a striker, he is everything. That's one reason I came here to play with his players."


Schweinsteiger is very optimistic about the prospects for Manchester United. "I want to say that the strength of the team is very strong, I am sure that this team has the ability to win the championship, to come here a week later, I can say that."


"We have very good defence, outstanding defensive player, also can bring different players in the high level of competition, and then also to some people. So I think a team with strong strength, have unlimited potential."


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