Romanian Retailer Leaked "FIFA 15" is Expected September 26 Listing Price $ 60

13, 05, 2014

EA's New Year game "FIFA" series was done last year, the 14th generation, arguably the latest as "FIFA 15" when the news is revealed, but so far, the official is still no news flow. Of course, no unventilated wall of the world, are not allowed to refer to whoever leaked the rumor.

FIFA players over the years is one of the most favorite games

Recently, the retailer Altex Romania on leaked "FIFA 15" listing information. Information from the game "FIFA 15" rack-page view, which is expected to be made this year on September 26 landing Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, priced at $ 60.



This is not the first release rumors Altex listed information, but its accuracy in terms of the past, is still very high reliability.

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