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  • Wow Gold has some fantastic music. It does try to represent all genres of Christian music which includes Stryper's off key "To Hell using the Devil", which I am never ever inside the mood to listen to. A few songs in this set have been really preferred in their day, but are now just too annoying to listen to regardless of how strong the message. Other songs had been highly played modern Christian songs that I've memorized by heart and have enjoyed for years. Wow Gold puts a number of rock and upbeat songs on disc one and mainly worship songs and energy ballads on disc two. Disk two is my very favored with songs like: Easter Song, Praise the Lord, Undivided, and My Tribute. I listen to these heartfelt songs of devotion again and again again. All in all, I give WOW Gold 5 stars for placing the best of your 70's, 80's and 90's.

  •   1/6/14
  • I locate myself frustrated together with the alterations, like each and every other year, then inevitably became addicted. Even though the adjustments merely meant I could not score ten goals with Cristiano in just about every game plus the game just became extra realistic, I have actually enjoyed playing this years version. Fifa 12 will probably be my all time preferred for a lengthy time, however the dribbling manage and overall passing ability actually lets you manage each and every player. Using the random glitches, it's apparent there is nonetheless room for improvement. Even so, I am excited FIFA has not followed the 2K sports game franchises and produced the superstars of the soccer globe human. When you are around the ropes of obtaining it, like NBA 2k14, purchase it and waste moments of your life inside your dark space. It really is worth it.

  •   1/6/14
  • These are the best prices for wow game cards I have seen anywhere and of course you also have the safety of trading through Amazon to put your mind at ease. The arrive promptly and without hassle and work. I have purchased a reasonable amount now and I can recommend purchasing from here whole heartedly.

  •   12/31/13
  • I bought FIFA 14 on PS3 after being a huge fan of the previous FIFA games and I was extremely disappointed. I was so unimpressed I nearly cancelled my PS4 with FIFA 14. I am glad I didn't. The difference between the two is greater than day and night. PS4 is smooth, with incredible graphics. The gameplay is completely differently, the passing is a lot more realistic and shooting also. You can play a lot of fantastic through balls and go on good runs.

    I thought in PS3 the defenders had the upper hand as they seemed a lot pacier which obviously made it harder to attack. Also it seemed everytime you were attacking with a cross you scored as the keeper flapped helplessly at it and the defenders were easily beaten in the air. PS4 is completely different, and a lot more realistic in this aspect.

    There is of course the drawback that you need to subscribe to play online which you obviously didn't previously, but at only 40 quid I think it will represent good value for the year.

    If you didn't like FIFA on PS3 don't worry, this is nothing like it - it's much, much better.

  •   12/31/13
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  •   12/26/13


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